Why have an Energy Audit or Survey?

What are the reasons for wanting an energy audit and/or survey? There are many reasons you may wish to use our service, such as:

Reduce Energy Costs

Energy prices have risen substantially for years and are set to go up even further for both domestic and commercial customers. Tariffs can vary widely between different suppliers, so it’s important to look at all the options to ensure you get the best deal. We look at your energy usage both from the supply side (are you getting the best deal) and the demand side (are you wasting energy through inefficient behaviour or poor insulation) in order to help reduce your energy bills.

Explore Renewable Energy

There are a variety of Government incentives available for implementing renewable energy, such as the feed in tariff for solar photovoltaic cells, wind turbines or heat pumps (air source, ground source and water source). The Government is giving very generous incentives for a move to renewable energy sources but it is in your interest to get an unbiased opinion as to what is appropriate for you, and not simply trust this to vested interests such as suppliers or installers.

Help the Environment

In the last hundred years the average global temperature has risen by 1 degree, and it is expected to rise by 4-5 degrees by the end of the century without urgent action being taken. This will be catastrophic for the environment and the population, with rising sea levels and failing crops resulting in drought, famine and displacement on a massive scale. One of the main contributing factors to climate change is carbon emissions from fossil fuels. Reducing energy consumption is one way you can help fight climate change and help save the planet. Find out about your household's carbon footprint using the carbon calculator.

Get Independent Advice

We have absolutely no connection with any commercial interest that might be involved in the implementation of the recommendations of our survey. Nor do we accept any commission. As part of our service however, we would investigate proposals put forward in due course and comment on them and make recommendations if deemed appropriate.

Our survey is followed by an extensive report (typically 20-30 pages) which examines your energy usage and carbon footprint in detail, incorporating graphs and charts and reviews all the options available to you for improving the situation.


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